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Our Assets

Main Warehouse

Main Warehouse


GSE has a sizeable worth of assets in hand to establish itself as one of the leaders and specialist in the logistics trade.

Substantial amount of its value has been invested in the constant upgrading of its fleet of modern and sophisticated equipments whereas the remaining in land bank where our offices and the warehouses in the country stands on today. All assets are strategically located to ensure and provide preference of embarkation and disembarkation of the merchandise.

Our Aims

GSE aims ‘safety first’ in meeting customer’s requirement of a satisfactory, effective, precise execution of services at the same time adhering to authority’s regulation of delivery.
GSE aims at constantly improving its facilities, equipment, technology, methodology and human resources.
GSE aims at upgrading and improving the skills of present staff to professional status.
GSE aims at moving strategically towards fulfilling the shortage of international and domestic requirement of the market providing to the complete satisfaction of such services to the clientele thus establishing a centre of being ‘YOUR COMPLETE LOGISTIC SPECIALIST’
GSE aims to enable to work together in all ventures so as to establish a partnership and just not mere ‘supplier or clientele’ relationship.

Our Service

GSE services have been greatly enhanced by our network of reliable and valuable resources obtained overtime.

Our Motivation

With over 80 experienced, dedicated, disciplined, co-operative and highly motivated staff, we are seen as one of the leading and respected organization in the country.
Our Presentation and Approach

GSE full range of multi service forwarding, transport facilities and facilities that compass the whole of logistics of customs clearance, sea/air freight, general/container transport, warehousing, industrial packing and marine insurance.
GSE together with it’s associate and subsidiary companies have sufficient work force covering domestic network offices in Central (Port Klang Office) and Northern Region (Butterworth Office). The joint forces of the various offices together with the offices of the associate and subsidiary companies, managed by experienced staff, equipped with the necessary equipments places GSE in a strategic position as the most versatile heavy transport operator in the region capable of handling the entire logistics requirements of various types of projects.
The capability of GSE to extend the total transport package from door to door and under one roof earns us the prestigious name as ‘YOUR COMPLETE LOGISTICS SPECIALIST

Our Market Spread

GSE’s combination of modern technology on the latest equipments in the market and trained human resource has been and is being engaged by various clienteles ranging from foreign and local multinational, power and energy, petrochemical, steel milling, engineering, fabrication, ship building and civil construction companies.
Ultimate sourcing and overwhelming support by the above companies has provided us with a fair share of the market and has carried and earned us as ‘YOUR COMPLETE LOGISTICS SPECIALIST

Our Registration and Rapport

GSE together with our associate and subsidiary companies have placed equal emphasis in complying with the required practical documentation with the relevant authorities thus placing discussions, presentation and good working relationships an important criterion to enable all parties in assisting their individual role as a vital link in the entire logistics scope of works.

Our Commitments

GSE together with our associated companies in general has placed itself and has accorded it’s modus operandi to meet the varied and changing needs of it’s demanding customers in not only providing the best and ultimate service but also priced to place our valued clientele an edge on their bids.
A long and mutual beneficial working relationship with clients against tasks provided would provide mutual gains and responsibilities and at the same time providing and establishing the business partnership in achieving ‘TOWARDS THE NEED OF THE NATION

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