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GSE being the specialist in the heavy haulage industry, utilizes Self-Propelled Modular Trailer (SPT) and Hydraulic Multi Axle Trailers with Heavy Duty Prime Movers which have high traction force to transport heavy cargoes and together with it’s high turning radius capabilities to enable maneuvering through tight and confined access routes.

Self-Propelled Modular Trailer (SPT)

1 X 6 Axles SPT (Power Pack Unit + 4 Axles Drive Axles + 2 Braking Axles)

Traction Capacity: 550 Tons

Turning Radius: 45 Degrees


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Hydraulic Modular Multi Axle Trailer

60 Lines of Hydraulic Modular Multi Axle Trailer and Various Decks and Drop Decks for customized configuration


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5 Units Heavy Duty Prime Movers


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Goose Neck Multi Axle Trailer

5 Axles Goose Neck Multi Axle Trailer

Capacity: 95 Tons


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